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In 2017 AAA Founder and President Matthew Barker will be appearing at Pagan Pride Day - Orlando! Details are still being fleshed out and any updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter!

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American Asatru Association is TM and (c) 2013 American Asatru Association, Inc. and Matthew Thomas Barker.  The AAA valknut/ravens logo is TM American Asatru Association, Inc. and used freely with the permission of Skyler Viconti to be used by the organization as we see fit. Any unauthorized use of our said name/property will result in immediate legal action.

Our Mission Statement:
"​To expand the folk religion, Asatru, through education, practice and community support in a safe, non-judgemental environment for all people."


Welcome to the American Asatru Association!
Created in 2013, the American Asatru Association promotes a healthy learning environment for Germanic Heathens in the 21st century!

We are a incorporated non-profit in the State of Florida.